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For anyone who knew they should have been on top...

...and the decision just wasn't in their hands.

I Should Have Been Prom Queen
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Life just isn't fair.

Welcome to the I Should Have Been Prom Queen community! I thought about creating this community a little while ago; have you ever thought, "Dammit, I should have been the prom queen!" or "...I should have been employee of the month." Ever have the feeling that you're getting cheated in life and things just don't seem fair? Then this community is for you.

The Rules

The rules are pretty simple. Once you join, I ask that you make an introductory post explaining what YOU should have been, when, and why you think you were overlooked (how unfair!). After that, the possibilities of conversation topics are endless...
*not mandatory* ...To make things a little more interesting, how about including a photo of yourself in the post (if it's way too large, please make a cut)!

All I ask is that everyone tries to get along and not harass other members!


Moderator Dana