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>:O Here's my bitter resentment! haha

Hiii I'm Dana, your moderator (Lisa is your co-moderator). I should have been prom queen for Prom 2003 (I'm in college now). But I wasn't. And I don't know why. I thought I would have made an excellent prom queen because I was kinda popular in my senior class, but I nice to everyone. I didn't cause drama with anyone and I was overall a nice kid! (I still am). Instead, this other girl, who was fat (not that there's anything wrong with being chunky), slept with her best friend's boyfriend and was basically an obnoxious twit (yes, I said twit) got prom queen instead. :( I guess I didn't get it because a lot of the teachers at my school play favorites. :(

Oh well...
that's all from me.

(I SO should have gotten all those jobs I applied for, too!)
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