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I Should Have Been Prom Queen

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Prom Queen or Sweetheart [22 Jul 2004|01:13am]

[ mood | cynical ]

Okay think about this for a moment.. would you rather have been a Joey Potter in high school? Or a Jen Linley? None of which were prom queen but then again were they better then prom queens?

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An Interesting Though [21 Jul 2004|04:40pm]

A Realization
I have come to realize that life is short, take chances and don't ever look back. All of a sudden life doesn't seem to difficult anymore. I don't care about the things that used to seem like they would end my life. All the drama's of being a teenager seem far away. I am not saying that I have totally turned around and grown up since I graduated high school. I am saying however that things have changed at a quicker pace from what I had thought. Siting there in high school wondering what it would be like to go to college and be an adult now seem like distant memories. I used to wish that I was back in high school. A time when everything seemed so important, what to wear and who to be friends with. All these life changing moments that really lead up to nothing except the day that I walked across the stage only to realize that all my worries were just a small part in the big picture called life. I couldn't carry my Junior Prom Queen title or my Homecoming Queen crown into life after high school. All those days worrying who I would date when so and so dumped me, or how it was the end of the world because I broke up with some guy who I can't even remember his name. LIfe is an open road right now and I just traveling down it.
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HI EVERYONE [18 Jul 2004|03:09pm]

[ mood | amused ]

HI everyone, my name is Samantha, I am new to this site.... I thought that I would say hello and introduce myself..... Uhm.. I was never Prom Queen at my school:) I was a junior prom queen though if that counts?? LOL>... well I look forward to talking to all of you:)

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I'm sorry that I'm doing this but... [03 Jun 2004|05:35pm]

[ mood | determined ]

...I don't want my .45 cents per lot to go to waste!! I really need to get rid of this stuff and I have no bidders! Check my stuff out!!




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haha lisa [01 Jun 2004|02:16pm]

[ mood | content ]

Thanks for fixing my completely horrible (and really RARE) spelling errors in the keywords. Wow. I have no idea how those happened.

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[01 Jun 2004|10:59am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Okay. Since I adore Lisa, I'm joining this community. But I also have a lot to get rid of before I get outta this place.

Basically, I was always over looked for doing everything. I sound like such a horrible person wanting credit. But fuck 'em. I worked too hard to not get credit.

I'll go into detail later.


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>:O Here's my bitter resentment! haha [31 May 2004|06:54pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hiii I'm Dana, your moderator (Lisa is your co-moderator). I should have been prom queen for Prom 2003 (I'm in college now). But I wasn't. And I don't know why. I thought I would have made an excellent prom queen because I was kinda popular in my senior class, but I nice to everyone. I didn't cause drama with anyone and I was overall a nice kid! (I still am). Instead, this other girl, who was fat (not that there's anything wrong with being chunky), slept with her best friend's boyfriend and was basically an obnoxious twit (yes, I said twit) got prom queen instead. :( I guess I didn't get it because a lot of the teachers at my school play favorites. :(

Oh well...
that's all from me.

(I SO should have gotten all those jobs I applied for, too!)

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Bitter Resentment [31 May 2004|06:04pm]

[ mood | blank ]

My name is Lisa (hiiiii Lisa...) and I should have been prom queen.
Come to think of it, I should have been homecoming queen.
And valedictorian. I should be valedictorian.

That is all.

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